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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Poor Thang - Ain't Gon Never Have No Hair!"

My mother laughs when she tells me that story now, but when I was younger, I wanted my hair to hang down my back, or at least around my shoulders, and I wanted it to blow in the wind . . . wonder where I got that from??? Anyway, my hair was nowhere near my shoulders and hair loaded down with grease may shine, but it doesn't blow. Additionally, I didn't have "good hair", so my mother would think "poor thang - ain't gon never have no hair."

Thankfully, she was wrong and somewhere around my teen-age years, my hair finally reached my shoulders and I minimized how much oil I used in my hair so my hair would blow in the wind :-). The above picture was taken when I was in my early 20s.

Now my mother now laughs because I have more hair than either one of us ever thought I would have and I'm happy as a lark even though my hair doesn't hang down my back and these thick mounds of hair won't blow in the wind . . . although a strong wind might cause a ripple. Lol

It's another misconception that only hair classified as "good hair" grows. The fact is healthy hair grows and retains length. Since it took so long for my hair to reach shoulder length when I was younger, I am shocked that it only took 2 years to see tremendous growth with my hair in its natural state.

Below are pictures of the same hairstyle shown at different points in time. The first was taken during my first year of being natural. The second was taken 2 years later. So, have patience and take good care of your hair. It will grow!


  1. The growth is RIDICULOUS! I have always wanted my hair thicker, it has never complied lol. Lovely pics!

  2. Thanks Niki! It's true - when you transition to natural hair, you never know what you're going to get! ;-)