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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Either Love Me or Leave Me Alone

I have a friend who feels the need to let me know that he believes I looked better when my hair was straight. This friend also looked through my profile pictures on facebook and told me that the one he liked most was the one where I was wearing a fake pony.

Of course the comments annoyed me and he heard an ear full from me for his remarks, but then I thought about it and realized that whatever issues he has with natural hair are his issues to deal with and I decided not to let them affect me. I felt no anger. I felt no hard-feelings towards him or his lack of knowledge. I decided 3 years ago, when I began wearing my hair naturally and receiving negative comments, that I wasn't going to let anyone's negative reactions affect the way I feel about me.

At this moment in my life, I feel beautiful. I feel self-fulfilled and complete. I feel independent and free. I don't worry about running from the rain or sweating at the gym. I embrace humidity, steamy showers and steam rooms.

So I decided to remove all pictures on FB that showed me with fake hair. In fact, the only straight picture I kept was the picture that shows my hair after my final chop and that was also the last time my hair was straight. I am firmly committed to wearing my hair naturally and doing whatever I can to support my fellow natural sistas and transitioners. I think most people are supportive, but you will always have a few that will try to bring you down. When that happens, you have to see your own beauty and represent you regardless of their thoughts.

I have fully embraced me and I allow my hair to do what it does best and that is command attention and respect. When I walk into a room, my natural crown announces my presence and my attitude clearly states either love me or leave me alone.

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