Saturday, November 3, 2012

Turning Heads . . . and Changing Minds

Photo shoot by KID Images & Sound.  His only request . . . "wear your hair in an afro puff."
It's rare for me to go anywhere without someone commenting on my hair or having women ask questions about what products I use and pulling out a piece of paper to take notes or a cell phone to google the products I use.  I stopped in a store one day to grab something quickly.  I was walking really fast because I was in a hurry and this lady literally ran after me with her shopping cart and two kids to ask me about my hair.  I forgot why I was rushing that day, but after seeing the trouble she went through to get to me, what I was rushing for no longer seemed important.  After talking to her, she thanked me for being so nice and her two kids hugged me.  I then turned around to get the items I came in the store for and there was a lady on my other side patiently waiting to also ask me questions about my hair.  That's when I realized that I was Turning Heads and Changing Minds . . .

Since I was a teenager, people used to say I should model, but I never had a real interest because I felt I was so much more than a "look." As a top student in my class, it was important for me to have a career using my mind rather than my appearance.  Also, I never had an interest in designers or anything that would be considered popular fashion.  I like what I like, but I've never been one to follow fashion trends, so I felt the industry wasn't for me. I did a couple of fashion shows in college, but it was clear to me that I'm no model. When KID Images & Sound asked me to do a photo shoot, I said no for almost a year before I finally said ok (talk about persistence!)  I'm glad he didn't give up on me because together we created beautiful images of natural beauty. 

What I find most remarkable are the responses I get from women.  Generally speaking, women have the tendency to "hate on each other" especially if they find the other women to be attractive.  Since I have been natural, I can honestly say that has rarely been my experience.  I believe that is because many women see themselves in me.  They want to go natural, but don't know if they would still be viewed as attractive or they are natural, but struggle to find the beauty in their hair.  Some are in the early stages of going natural and they don't know what to do with their hair.  Others fear how natural hair will affect their careers.  When they see me, they see possibilities and they think "maybe I can do that too."  So in that way, I guess I can say this photo shoot was modeling with a purpose . . .changing the perception of beauty.  In a world of fake everything, we're taking it back to God-given natural beauty . . . now that's powerful!


Since I'm on this journey of turning heads and changing minds, why simply stop at showing the beauty of natural hair? Although I haven't officially joined the "Black Women Do Workout" movement, I think it's important that we take care of our minds and bodies.  It's extremely difficult to do because we take on so much that it's hard to find the time. For vanity reasons, I try to make time for the gym (although I've been slacking lately), but most importantly, I try to make time for health reasons. I credit my cardio workouts for keeping me away from high blood pressure medicine for over 10 years when I was informed for the first time that I was pre-hypertension.  When it got to the point where it appeared that my cardio workouts weren't enough, then I adjusted my eating habits and so far although high blood pressure "runs in the family," so far I've been able to out run it! 
I've worked very hard to build my reputation as a business professional and I take great pride in being a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner.  My successful career is filled with experiences at Fortune 500 companies and I'm extremely proud to say that I, at no time, ever felt the need to be untrue to myself in order to accomplish any goal.  In this way, I hope to change the perception that hair texture is a hinderance to a successful career and that beauty and brains are antonyms. 
At some point, I stopped posting in my blog because I got really busy, but also because I felt I didn't have anything more to say, so I'm grateful for the lady who chased me down in the store and the lady who waited so patiently to ask her questions.  It was at that moment, that I realize that everyday, I walk a runway.  I'm not promoting the latest fashion trend or representing a high-priced fashion designer.  I'm promoting natural beauty, healthy living and intellectual stamina.  No high price fashion designer can ever give me what God has given me naturally and free of charge.  I'm thankful for the photo shoot because it represents more than a few pretty pics.  I believe they each send powerful messages - messages we have waited too long to see and hear.
 ~Loving Me Naturally





  3. I Love This! May god continue to bless you in everything that you do! Keep doing You! -The Loc Beast (Natural Hairstylist-Houston, TX)

  4. You are gorgeous and truly inspiring lady. Thanks for setting an example.Stay blessed

  5. lol Im a guy so i did the opposite of the fierce BC,I did my LBC [last big chop]6 month ago.After passing the test of the 1st stage of letting your growth shine[ im free forming],My hair went from wild to sections ,pattern and changed the direction it grew all by itself.Made me examine my hair closely {because i never had hair to examine,always cut low},Im like WTF i have BEAUTIFUL HAIR and i never knew this shit,it was shocking.Started my journey blah blah make a long story short check out these Quote inspired by Natural hair textures.

    4Cs are special because you cant judge them with your eyes ,you have to get to know them
    and feel them, and if they let you, you will feel how soft and delicate they are,them and there hair.

    Here is another,
    Insects flying in the air communicating to each other, saying"we need to find a
    clean LOOKING hair to land and plant our eggs and destroy the "good hair".You walk
    bye with your 4c/b hair,but don't worry YOUR GOING TO FOOL THEM ,because they believe beauty is something that the eyes[the eyes sees ,but the mind notices] sees. The insects look at you and fly away.............................You better run tho!because i heard the insects talking and they figured the beauty secret out,i heard them say "Yo !! we were fooled ,because the bugs with super good eyes said , if we had gotten closer and examined closely, its soft like cotton and perfect", Damn.
    Our hair is a attractor and detractor ,God knew what he was doing.Because when you go natural your going to shine and just like the insects ,heads will be jealous.Its like an ancient African Queen disguising her natural wealth of purity,Knowing only a pure man will get close enough to examine her beauty,let all them men choose beauty with there eyes,there missing out and you fooled them .LOL
    One Love "Sis".

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  7. Hi, I would just like to say I've been really inspired by your blog and I've been following for the last year. You've encouraged me to start my own blog. Thank you and I hope you post soon; I'm always checking for new posts :D

    1. TC - Thanks for the post and I'm sorry for the extreme delay in responding. I've had several big life changes (all positive), but included relocation and a lot of travel, so time has been limited. Seeing posts like yours remind me that there is still value in posting. I will post again soon. Congrats on starting your blog. Please post the link so I can check it out and thank you.

  8. You truly are one of my inspirations. I've been natural for 10 years now and when I started my journey I never found anyone online, or within my social proximity, that had my tightly coiled hair texture. So I made the decision to start blogging and asked for help, and now here I am finding women like yourself who could very well be my hair twin. I'm still reading through all of your posts, but your words are so encouraging and healing to read because you have been able to articulate exactly how I've felt. I wore my fro for the first few years, then locs for the last few years, and now I'm wearing my fro again. Thank you for sharing your journey and please keep posting. ~Dewdrop

    1. Thanks Dewdrop. It's great to see that someone is still reading these posts and they are still useful! Life got busy, so I no longer had time to post like I used to, but I also thought I ran out of things to say. Thanks for reminding me that there is value in sharing my experiences. I do have something that resonated with me recently . . .I will post again soon :-)