Monday, February 7, 2011

Beautiful Black Women - Wear Your Crown of Glory

If I was not black and I had naturally curly hair, would you question whether my naturally curly hair would be appropriate for the workplace?  Would you question whether my hair texture would hinder my career?

If I was qualified for a job, but the company didn't want to hire me because of my hair texture, wouldn't I want to know this before accepting the job?  If so, why would I want to disguise my texture to get the job and then reveal my true identity afterwards?   Why would I fear showing them what God has creatively designed?

If I were any other ethnicity with naturally curly hair, would you assume that I was making a political statement for wearing my hair the way it naturally grows?  Would you assume that I was from some far away place or I'm intensely in touch with my roots?  

Would you ask me to alter my texture before I could be in your wedding?  
          Before I could attend your formal event?  
                    Before you introduce me to your family?
                              Before we go out on a date?

Beautiful black women wear a crown of glory.  There is nothing shameful about it.  It does not need to be explained, excused or hidden.  Any questions?

"Those that don't got it, can't show it.  Those that got it, can't hide it." ~Zora Neale Hurston

~Loving Me Naturally


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  2. I love that concluding paragraph. Especially the sentence "It does not need to be explained, excused or hidden." I really appreciate the strength of this post. I found you over on Kinky Curly Coily Me with your interview. I added one of your photos for my hair inspiration here...

    My best, Lynn

  3. Thanks Lynn - I am honored! I'll have to check out your site.