Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Real Love Knows No Texture

Mom & Dad at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration 2 years ago
My mother finally decided to go natural after dealing with years of chemical burns. She recently began wearing her hair in a TWA, but was concerned because my father wasn't too happy with her new look.  When she expressed her concern to me, I just laughed and said "daddy ain't going nowhere!"  I've read so many discussions where women are worried about their men leaving them when they go natural.  My personal opinion is if they would leave you because of your hairstyle, then the relationship wasn't based on substance and they would have left anyway.  Thank them for not wasting any more of your time and let them go on their way.

It was amazing to me that my mother was concerned about something that meant nothing.  A few years ago, she had major surgery and spent a month in the hospital.  Afterwards, she went through a long recovery period.  My father was by her side every step of the way through some of the most difficult times they've ever experienced.  Did she really need to worry about my father's reaction to her hair?

I'm known for being a little too blunt at times, but I get it from my daddy, so my mom doesn't mind :-)  My parents are both over 70 and have been married for over 50 years.  Now, it's cute that my mother still wants to look good for my father and it's understandable that he may have a particular style that he prefers.  However, it was more understandable that it was time for her to stop using chemicals that were burning her scalp every six weeks.  It's also more understandable that real love knows no texture - real love sees the inner beauty and not just the outer shell.  

As women, we want to look good to our men but if your guy no longer finds you attractive because he prefers straight hair, then he is too heavily focused on frivolous things.  He needs to go and find the straight hair he desires, which will allow you to clear the way for a brother who will appreciate all that you have to offer including your glorious crown.

~Loving Me Naturally


  1. This is such a great post! I kinda struggle with the same thing so thanks for putting things into perspective for me :)

  2. Thanks Michelle - I'm glad you found this useful. All the best to you!

  3. Love this post. Your parents and lovely and your mom is such a sweetie!! Worried about what her sweetie thinks :). Like you said though, "he aint going nowhere". LOL
    52 years of marriage is NO JOKE & I applaud them. Can you say ROLE MODELS!?!


  4. Thanks TatusWelle! They are a cute couple. My father wasn't too excited about her hair, but I think he's okay with it now. He even takes her to the barber shop :-)