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Friday, June 11, 2010

"You Looked Better When Your Hair Was Straight"

Why do people feel the need to voice an opinion on your hair when it’s natural? I got no questions or recommendations when I was going to the beauty shop every 6 weeks over-processing my hair so every section of every strand was straight. Even when I was transitioning and I wore micro braids, crochet braids, straight weaves, curly weaves, and cornrows with interchangeable pony tails (you know how we do – with & without highlights), no one said a word. Now, I get:

“Your husband let you wear your hair like that?” . . . Excuse me? LET me??

“Wow! You have a lot of hair. When are you going to straighten it?” . . . . I have a lot of hair, because I STOPPED straightening it.

“Ooooh girl, your hair is so nappy!” . . . I know it’s been a while, but do you remember what YOUR hair used to look like before the relaxer??

“You’re naïve if you think this will not affect your career.” . . . You’re misinformed if you think it will.

“You looked better when your hair was straight.” . . . That’s just your opinion. A friend once told me an opinion is like a butthole (although he used another word), everybody has one. ‘ nuff said!

I learned a long time ago that if you change the way you see things, then you can change the way you feel about those things. I no longer see my nappy hair as an unattractive thing or something that I need to correct through chemicals or excessive heat. These kinks and coils are my crown of glory and I wear it proudly. Yes it is only hair and I hear people say you shouldn’t take it that seriously. To some extent, I agree with that, but it became more serious when those whose natural texture is the same as mine felt the need to invoke such negativity. When I learned about the numerous misconceptions that are out there about natural hair, that’s when it became more than just a styling option for me. I’m not trying to convert, but I want to share my experience for those who are going natural or seriously thinking about it. Life is a journey – enjoy the ride!

All the best!

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  1. oooh i like this.. btw. there is an Afro contest going on it but i think it was posted on FB too.

    u mean no one ever asked you if you were going to get them dred things as if locing your hair is the only option